2015/09/02F3A World Championships 2015

Futaba 18MZ got World Champion Prize in F3A World Championships

The F3A World Championships 2015 was held in the air force flying field at Dubendorf, Switzerland between August-9th and 15th. The famous F3A pilot in Switzerland is Mr Bruno Giezendanner, who won world championships before.In this year, 101 pilots from 35 countries came over to Switzerland. The 9 pilots out of 10 who compete final rounds with Futaba radios. Futaba radios also monopolize the podium.Mr Christophe Paysant-LE ROUX from France got world champion this year. (He got totally 8 times.) Tetsuo Onda, who is Futaba factory pilot, follows 2nd place. The 3rd pilot Mr Stefan Kaiser, who is the team colleague of Mr Wolfgang Matt. (He won the F3A European Championships 2014) He is a new young generation pilot for F3A world competition.The 90% of pilots use an electric motor for a power source, Futaba factory pilots (Koji Suzuki and Yoichiro Akiba) use O.S. motor OMR-4043-172.Futaba and O.S. will continue to lead the technology of evolving electric equipment.

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